How To Determine Apples From Oranges: Debt Consolidation Programs And

How To Determine Apples From Oranges: Debt Consolidation Programs And What Works Best For You

Life is a b*tch but we all know that so might as well stop whining. Or so they say. So you have financial problems. Well, youre not alone there. Everyones got one. Except for Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, may be. But since we cant trade places, were stuck with our financial worries. You go over the list of solutions you made and hit upon debt consolidation. Well, thats a good idea. But there are several debt consolidation programs made available by companies and its best to know which one you want in particular before you can get started.

You see, choosing from the debt consolidation programs available for you is just like choosing what car you like for yourself. Your bank has loaned you money to buy yourself wheels but its not enough to buy something thats cool now. You have to choose something that will match yourself, something thats practical and will last all the way.

The first step in choosing from the list of debt consolidation programs youre given is to first know if debt consolidation is indeed right for you. Debt consolidation is like letting another person shoulder your burdens. But things like that dont come for free so you have to know if youre up to the task. The variety of programs will simply help you choose what course you want to take as you go along.

Now, if the specialist of debt consolidation programs has given you the go ahead, the next step to take is talking about your financial history. Just how much debt are you in, for example. The level of indebtedness youre in will help determine what you choose from the list of debt consolidation programs that the company has. It will give the specialist an idea about just how much there is to pay off and if youre capable of truly doing so with a little extra help. Then theres your income level. This is an important factor also in choosing from the debt consolidation programs you have at your disposal. Your income level will help the specialist know just how much you can afford to pay every month. Now, when choosing what among the debt consolidation programs made available to you is perfect, the specialist or expert would always ask you for your opinion. This is because ultimately, everything will boil down to what you want. But if you don’t have a clue, dont worry because these experts know a lot of creditors so they can just take the steering wheel if you dont care to drive and do things for you their own way.

One good thing, however, that all debt consolidation programs have in common is that you dont have to personally deal anymore with your creditors. All debt consolidation programs make sure that you are not in any way pestered by phone calls about the loans you failed to pay off for the past three months or letters from your bank manager. This is something to rejoice because without those nagging calls, youre free to worry about other things, like earning more money.

So remember, choosing among the debt consolidation programs made available to you is a very important task. Spend time going over it with your specialist, researching about it over the Internet and asking your friends for their opinions. As they say, better safe than sorry.

How to Start an LLC in Nevada

Registering a limited liability company in Nevada is easy. There are a few basic processes which qualify organizations for LLC status. Any Nevada LLC formation must contain articles of organization that must be signed by at least two persons who are organizing the LLC. These articles should be delivered, along with a copy, to the Nevada Secretary of State, Corporations Division, for filing. Nevada law calls for the inclusion of certain information in the articles.

This information to be included in the articles must include several things. The first item required is a business name. The name that is chosen must have either Limited-Liability Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, or Limited at the end. Alternately, the name can also contain abbreviations like Ltd., L.L.C.,L.C., LLC or LC. Further, the word company can be abbreviated as Co. The names selected should also be clearly distinguishable from the names of any other Nevada limited liability company. Additionally, there are several other obligations to be adhered to in selecting a name. The details of these are available with the service agents or the Nevada government.

The Nevada LLC application must also contain the resident agents name and address. The application should also carry the name and address of each of the organizers signing the articles. Furthermore, the application should carry the details such as the name, address and business details of any managers.

After organizations file for a Nevada LLC along with all original articles of organization, a certificate of organization is issued by the state government and delivered along with the conformed copy to the LLC representative. The original articles of organization are filed with the Secretary of State, along with information such as the month, day and the year of filing.

A Nevada LLC formation also requires the applicant to include some other documents like the Operating Agreement, a proven minimum 5 members, and adherence to rules on resignation of membership and the specificity of the mode of member contribution.

Activity Diagrams – Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Use

Activity diagrams describe the actual work flow behavior of a system in Information Technology. Activity diagrams are very similar to state Diagrams because activities are the actual state of doing something. Activity diagrams describe the actual state of activities of a system by showing all the sequence of activities performed. Activity diagrams can show activities that are conditional or parallel.
When to Use: Activity Diagrams
Activity diagrams should be used in alignment with other modeling techniques like interaction diagrams and State diagrams. The main reason behind using activity diagrams is to model the work flow behind the system being designed. Activity Diagrams are also useful for analyzing a use case by describing what actions need to take place and when they should occur, describing a complicated sequential algorithm and modeling applications with parallel processes.

Activity diagrams’ advantages:
* UML modeling language included that activity diagrams are normally easily comprehensible for both analysts and stakeholders.
* According to ZaranTech in UML for the IT Business Analyst, “The activity diagram is the one most useful to the IT BA for depicting work flow [because] it is simple to understandboth for BAs and end-users.”
* Since they are among the most user-friendly diagrams available, they are generally regarded as an essential tool in an analyst’s repertoire.
* Additionally, as stated above, activity diagrams allow an analyst to display multiple conditions and actors within a work flow through the use of swimlanes. Swimlanes, however, are optional as a single condition or actor is normally displayed without them. Activity diagrams’ disadvantages:
* UML modeling language include that activity diagrams have the potential to become overly complex because their user-friendly nature may lend itself to an all-inclusive description. In other words, since it is so simple to display the information related to the project, why not include all of it? When an analyst has a large project, creating a single, overly complex diagram can be a temptation.
* However, as one author notes, “if you are using activity diagrams to define the structure of a work flow, you should not attempt to explore several levels of activity graphs down to their most atomic’ level”. Instead, an analyst should try to present a new diagram for each work flow, or if more applicable, to use swimlanes to present different actors within the same work flow.
* Another aspect of activity diagrams is that they may not be used in lieu of a state diagram or sequence diagram because “activity diagrams do not give detail about how objects behave or how objects collaborate.” This is not a disadvantage per se, but it is important for an analyst to keep in mind when applying diagrams to their work. In conclusion, activity diagrams are fairly easy to get the hang of, and will be useful for most projects because they plainly and moderately clearly demonstrate how things work.” Unlike many diagramming techniques, activity diagrams also enable the depiction of multiple choices and actors within a work flow, and they are easy for even non-technical users to follow
Applications of activity diagram:
* The activity diagram has been extended to specify flows among steps that transmit physical matter (e.g., gasoline) or energy (e.g., torque, pressure).
* Additional changes allow the diagram to better support continuous behaviors and continuous data flows.
* The UML 2 specification significantly prolonged the features and scale of activity diagrams beyond their earlier classification as a special case of state diagrams.
* Today, activity diagrams can be thought of as flow charts for the 21st century, and UML modelers use activity diagrams to describe it.
* Also, these activity diagrams are useful in following methods:

* Business Rules
* Functions that occur in parallel
* Complex chain of multiple use cases
* Software flows and logic control configurations
* Procedures with judgment points and alternate flows
* Single use cases

How to start your Successful Money Making Business

Are you fed up with work? Maybe your boss is a grade-A pain in the behind. Well, don’t fret about your current situation; it’s time to look for an alternative route to income.

That company office cubicle isn’t the only way to earn a living. These days there are opportunities opening up all the time. With the World-Wide-Web in full swing, many individuals are turning to the Internet in search of a money making business. Have you ever considered this new-age road of opportunity? If so many others are doing it, then why can’t you? It’s time to size up the options at hand. It’s time to look beyond “the man” for other business ventures. That money making business of your dreams could be just around the corner.

What does it take to have a successful money making business? Well, this can be a rather in-depth issue. However, there are some basic factors when considering a personal business. First of all, can you afford to get it started? Second of all, do you really think it is a money making business? These things aren’t too difficult to figure out. We can all see everyday what business ventures pan out and which ones do not. A lot of this is common sense. Will a coffee shop make money? Now, this should be a no-brainer. The entire planet has now witnessed infinite coffee shops flourish with success. If you are from Oregon or Washington, then you certainly know where I’m coming from. Five years ago I would have never thought that a rather small town could have a dozen coffee shops that do well. I was clearly wrong. I witnessed infinite coffee shops in Oregon turn a constant profit. The key is great coffee, and the right location. If you are pondering a money making business in your future, these are factors you should seriously consider. What product or service are you offering? Why should customers come to you instead of your competitors? And of course, location, location, location.

Is it time to upgrade your career and begin your own money making business? Maybe you’re wanting to profit more and take fewer directions from others. This is completely feasible nowadays. It’s prudent to use the Internet to your advantage. Exhaust this source as much as you need. It’s a great vehicle to success. Everyday someone begins a new money making business with the Internet’s assistance. Get online and do some brain storming.

Office Max Uncovered

OfficeMax operates nearly 1,000 superstores throughout America including Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, in addition to several others in Mexico. Besides offering office products, business machines and related items, OfficeMax superstores also feature their CopyMax and FurnitureMax departments which are what the company refers to as convenient store-within-a-store sections of their operation. They also provide two national call centers for any questions you might have about the products they market and sell, in addition to 19 delivery centers throughout their various store locations.

OfficeMax markets its services and products to their customers by providing over 30,000 items via its award winning eCommerce site, and the direct-mail catalogs it sends out. Lets take a look at some of the numerous products and services they have to offer.


In the area of supplies, you can go online or directly to the store to view an abundance of business and school related items. Beginning with the basics of different kinds of pencils and paper, you can also explore the assortment of binders, presentation boards, folders, staplers and paper clips they have. There are also numerous types of pens, markers and other writing elements. Various kinds of correction tape, adhesive tape and self-stick notes and flags are a few more of the items you can purchase at OfficeMax.


OfficeMax offers a wide variety of Audio-Visual products and accessories including microphones and speakers, TVs and VCRs, laser pointers, multi-media, overhead and slide projectors and screens. They also have a wide range of calculators which include graphing, scientific and financial varieties in addition to the basic mathematical kinds.


If youre looking for anything from a bookcase, to mat that goes under your office chair to help it roll easier, you can find it at OfficeMax. They also sell different types of filing cabinets, desks and drafting tables. OfficeMax even carries a wide variety of home-based and commercial safes.

Print Services

OfficeMax provides print services in quite a few areas which include business cards, invitations, labels and custom-made calendars. You can order one of their ready-made designs or by uploading your files through their website, get a quote on what it will cost to have your own, personal designs and documents printed, and the timeframe you can expect it to be completed in. Some additional services are binding and finishing, digital color prints of your files or photos and also large format printing.

Are you Starving for Success?

This is something I learned from a guy in Louisiana. I worked with him in a different business way back when…

I learned a ton from this guy whether he knew it or not…it’s too bad he is not successful in business yet, because he really has some good insight.

I brought it up that you need to want success…want a business that will earn you profits.

We spoke of hobbies, and how we need to treat our business like a business! and how a hobby never pays the bills, they only cost money.


It all comes back to having that “dream” or a reason why. But it’s more than that…

It’s hunger; you need to be hungry. Be starving for success. You know when you can’t focus on anything else except that need to eat? You start getting the shakes and you need it. Now bring that feeling and transfer it to your business.

So you need to be hungry. And the insight that this young guy had was a one liner, and picture this in a Louisiana accent; “well there are times you could eat…but you are not necessarily ‘hungry’.” well how huge is that?!?

I say it all the time, that I learn from you guys as much as you learn from me! That was one of those AHA moments.

Of course, we could all eat a little bit of success, but are we hungry?

So, now every time I look at my business and think to myself “it’s just not growing as fast as I want” (which, if you are like me, is never fast enough). I need to ask, “am I still hungry?” And every single time I can answer no. I have become comfortable where I am at.

This brings me to another quote. “Success is found outside our comfort zone.” Think about that! If you want to be better than you are now, you need to look beyond yourself and expand. Whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually or financially. You need to stretch yourself beyond where you are now.

So if you are having a tough time getting into action; you look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you just need a bite of success, or if you want the 5 course meal!

So this week:
-Get hungry!
-Dream big!
-Develop your WHY!
-Be starving for success!

To our success,
Jay Kanik